We are a management consulting firm, delivering significant improvement to business operations, with tangible financial results as a consequence.

With our dedicated experts, Cornerstone operates in specific markets, such as Paper & Pulp, the Super Yacht industry, Aerospace & Defence and the Food & Drink industry. By establishing a performance driven culture at every level of our client organisations, Cornerstone delivers sustainable results.

Driven by results. Powered by people.

Understanding your business, your challenges and your people is the cornerstone to achieving long lasting results in operations processes. The Cornerstone methodology combined with our world class expertise in change management, our result driven mentality and our strong belief in human potential, we improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisational performance.

Unique approach

Change programmes are notoriously painful and prone to failure. In contrast, over 94% of Cornerstone’s programmes are defined successful by our clients. Engagement and commitment are at the core of Cornerstone’s approach. By working together with you and helping your people to embrace change positively, we deliver long lasting results.

Lighthouse storm

Solid management controls, excellent communications and effective teamwork are the foundations of every management operating system, something that’s at the heart all our client engagements. To increase the performance, productivity and profits of your organisation, we identify the full potential of your business and design a blue-print for delivery with clear, realistic and measurable goals. A full-time team of consultants remains with you for the duration of our programmes and continues to provide support upon project completion. Cornerstone will ensure you have the process, systems, tools, training and management behaviours embedded in your organisation, required to drive continuous improvement.

Together with your teams, Cornerstone gets the job done.

Driven by Results, Powered by People.