A paper manufacturer wanted to improve customer delivery while reducing manufacturing costs to compete in a developing world market.

CornerStone Approach

CornerStone engaged cross-functional teams to address chronic manufacturing issues, improve quality and throughput, and cut costs. A refined maintenance system improved equipment up-time, eliminating bottlenecks and a reorganised MRP (materials resource planning) system improved workflow and productivity.

Actions Taken

  • Addressed manufacturing problems with process re-engineering teams that included machine operators, quality personnel and engineering.
  • Designed and implemented a structured System for Managing throughout the plant.
  • Delineated requirements for the maintenance system and implemented the optimised system.
  • Organised MRP system requirements and directed the implementation.
  • Trained management and supervisory staff in the use of selected systems.

Driver Goals

  • Improve delivery performance by 98% by year end.
  • Increase throughput by 15% by year end.
  • Reduce scrap levels by 12% by year end.


  • 97% delivery performance with additional improvements scheduled for implementation.
  • Improved throughput by 15% with an associated reduction in cost.
  • Increased machine up-time by more than 10%.
  • Trained more than 120 staff on the use of maintenance and MRP systems.
  • Reduced scrap by 15%.