We add value by increasing your profitability. We combine your knowledge of your business with our proven specialist skills in improving business performance.

Over the years we have developed effective improvement programmes in the following fields:

  • Sales and Business Development
  • Operations
  • Supply chain
  • Engineering maintenance

Typical Return On Investment of 400%

We understand that any business embarking on a change programme wants to ensure it will get a healthy return on it’s investment. A key element to every client engagement is an initial review of the client’s business, to quantify and qualify the financial benefits that are available to the organisation. We measure with the client throughout the project and beyond the actual financial impact and usually exceed four times cost of our programme. This effectively offers our clients a return on investment of up to 4:1. Tangible, straightforward, measurable. Our clients should expect nothing less from us.

Our solutions are delivered through proven methodology; a well thought through approach and expert programme management, in combination with innovative and effective digital solutions to support the implementation of best practice.

Our core services

Manufacturing optimisation


Productivity and through-put, reduction of waste and rework, asset utilisation, Lean and TPM, management control, visual performance management (IT solutions with interfaces to existing software platforms), supervisor development and training.

Revenue enhancement

Increased sales effectiveness, sales management operating system, best in class utilisation of CRM-systems (eg. Salesforce), forecast accuracy and reliability, high-value selling and negotiation skills training, enhanced pipeline control and visibility of sales performance against budget.

Value-driven engineering and maintenance

Engine room maintenance

Increased asset reliability and availability, reduction of maintenance spent, contractor management, reliability engineering, condition monitoring, planned shut operating system, critical spares management, best in class utilisation of ERP-systems (eg. SAP, Coswin) with interface to operations, visual performance management for engineers.

Value/supply chain management

Stock turn optimisation, reduction of working capital, structural avoiding obsolescence, SKU rationalisation and complexity reduction, production planning, sales and BD-interface with forecast accuracy KPI’s, NPD time to market.

Strategic purchasing

Performance measurement

Design of coherent and consistent KPI structures, design and development of operational dashboards, implementation of operations performance analysis toolbox (driving ownership and control over asset and crew performance at supervisory- and 1st line management level) and financial reporting packages.

Continuous process improvement through client personnel development and internal consultancy practice

We train client management and provide them with a skillset to become ambassadors for change and drive sustainability of benefits and continuous improvement.

Additional services

  • Operational due diligence exercises with private equity firms.
  • Management and organisational development, coaching and team building.
  • Strategic decision making through our process consultation programme.
  • Development of software, IT-solutions and online tools.
  • Centre of excellence, sharing expertise, best practices, networking.
  • Development and key note speeches at relevant conferences, expert meetings and open space workshops.
  • Collaboration with our business school partners.