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Cost saving plan saves millions

An aviation services and ‘green’ aircraft business came to CornerStone to reduce its costs and cycle times and improve customer service after its processes… Read More

Baker improves on-time delivery

A large commercial bakery needed to improve its ability to deliver complete orders on time to its retail customers in order to avoid performance… Read More

Paper company reduces unplanned engineering downtime by 60%

A world leader in papermaking was facing a significant amount of unplanned engineering downtime. This reduced the availability of all main assets, disrupted assets… Read More

Lean office practices save super yacht manufacturer millions

A super yacht manufacturer required an overhaul of its finance and customer service processes in order to meet increased customer expectations. Cornerstone Approach A… Read More

Yacht re-fitter on track to double sales

Yacht re-fitter sought to increase market share in a growing market. Cornerstone was asked to assist in determining the cause of recent sales losses,… Read More

Ice cream maker does more with less

One of North America’s leading ice cream manufacturers sought to create a more demand-driven and efficient operation in the face of rising competition. CornerStone… Read More

Paper manufacturer achieves 15% rise in output

A paper manufacturer wanted to improve customer delivery while reducing manufacturing costs to compete in a developing world market. CornerStone Approach CornerStone engaged cross-functional… Read More

Aerospace company delivers seven times more aircraft

A start-up aerospace company focused on the design and manufacture of high performance and speciality purpose aircraft sought to improve on time delivery. CornerStone… Read More

Consumer products manufacturer cuts supply chain waste

A consumer products manufacturer facing rising costs, particularly in promotional sales, sought to improve customer service, reduce inventory and develop and implement a process… Read More

Shake-up boosts cement maker sales

A major cement producing company asked CornerStone to develop a new methodology to help it increase market share during a downturn. CornerStone Approach Following… Read More